My About Me Page

Writer of Fanfic stories about Broadchurch/Doctor Who/Gracepoint with some crossovers and a few films/TV programmes starring David Tennant

They are set in this and the alternate universe featuring Rose and the Tenth Doctor/Tenth Doctor Duplicate and a John Smith type character and Rose/Alec Hardy/Emmett Carver. 

Some are based on Doctor who and Broadchurch episodes but are sometimes based on other programmes or episodes that I thought would make good stories.  I have also based one on a song - 'Don't sleep in the subway' by Petula Clark, which has always been one of my favourite songs.

I publish on Blogger - AO3 and and was recently given a publisher's badge on AO3 .  

Unfortunately over the past year or so, I didn't get to start many new stories, due to family commitments.  I wish I could have done, I have so many new ideas for stories I want to publish but things are easing up a little so I am going to try.

I have written over 130 stories though and I love writing them.  Since I'm at home a lot, it's a pleasant way of spending my time though I don't share my hobby with my family, goodness knows what they would think!

Stories are only suitable for over 13's